Chica Athletica- Anti Cellulite Bra

$19.95 $39.90

After the mega-success of the Anti-Cellulite Leggings, we are proud to present you the matching Anti-Cellulite Sports Bra from the same collection!

Our powerful Push-Up Bra with innovative design and breast sculpting features will keep you feeling comfortable, shaped and looking amazing!

Unique Design and Modern Technology

By using the same technology and design we used for our Leggings, we managed to create the perfect Bra. With its newest features, the Anti-Cellulite Bra works wonders when it comes to shaping your upper body in the most pleasant way. 

Say Goodbye to Saggy Breasts

Feeling great during your workout and gym routines were the driving factors when we were creating the design and flexibility of the Bra. This lovely little addition to your gym outfit will be your best assistant in achieving your desired look while feeling amazing while doing so. 

Feel Comfortable While Looking Amazing

No more worries how you look when you are doing your favorite gym or home workout exercise because with our Anti-Cellulite Bra you will always look stunning.

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